My name is Nadine and I'm the owner of NADINE'S NATURAL BODY CARE. My products are freshly HANDMADE with high quality, natural and organic ingredients; keeping lips & skin naturally moisturized without the heavy, toxic fillers.

All of my products are Dye,Sulfate and Paraben Free!

never tested on animals, only family and friends

   Breast Cancer Support                     Kids! 


Silk Lip Butter

Silk Body Butter

     More products, fragrances and flavors are in the making and will be available for future purchase!


My natural, handmade mixtures are excellent moisturizers for all skin types, including those who suffer from sensitive skin. However, they are NOT a cure or treatment for ANY skin condition. As always, when using a new product it is wise to do a patch test on a small area of your skin to see how it reacts before using it on large areas of your body. If you are pregnant or have a serious skin condition please consult with your physician / dermatologist before using these products.

Please be advised, these lip and body butters are made from natural ingredients so it is possible for them to melt when stored above room temperature. Not to worry, place container in fridge or freezer for a few minutes until solidified to your desire then it will be ready for use! This process will not alter the effectiveness of the products, however the consistency of the body butter may change but that's nothing a good mix can't fix if needed.